President’s Message

John Lowden_President

I am pleased to introduce our firm, The Mitchell Partnership Inc (TMP), a mechanical building services consulting engineering practice which was founded in Toronto in 1958. Through our 50 plus years, TMP has evolved in response to the many changes seen in our industry as affected by technology, market priority and Client needs. Today TMP’s service offerings have grown to extend beyond mechanical building design service boundaries; TMP is able to provide construction document preparation and production that includes building information modeling (BIM), engineering assessments, specialized design commissions, resident construction inspection, design/build support, building energy audits, building systems commissioning, and consulting services for building operations.

TMP’s full range services are able to answer the complexities seen on project building types that include high rise, commercial, institutional, retail and industrial projects of all sizes. Our approach to each project is centered on the assignment of a principal of the firm to full responsibility for the leadership role through all of its phases. This principal manages the assigned TMP team and its continuing client interface from initial concept design through the warranty period, drawing the specific expertise required from our staff group. TMP has prospered as a strong member of a project team. We contribute our full resources to the specifics of our own discipline, while maintaining an overall dedication to the ultimate success of the project.

Over the years, TMP has gained a unique reputation for the design of energy efficient mechanical systems including original development of central heat pump chillers, hot and cold thermal storage, compartmentalized VAV air conditioning systems and office underfloor air distribution. Many of our techniques have since become industry standards.

Our close association with the construction and building operations components of our industry provides valuable feedback, giving our staff unique insight into the effectiveness of their efforts and allowing them to continuously upgrade their familiarity with, and understanding of, our increasingly complex specialty.

Construction practices, traditionally very parochial, have benefited immensely from the global expansion of markets. We have contributed to this evolution through the transfer of advanced technologies from our international projects, to encourage adoption of innovative practices on all our projects. Our 40 years of overseas project participation has developed within us a respect for other social and technical cultures. We research new and proven opportunities and investigate local conditions before arriving at recommended design solutions. Ultimate success in operating locally, nationally or overseas, transcends technical competence, to focus upon committed team participation, collectively assuring technical excellence.

Simply stated, however, we are in the business of creating environments and as such in order to be successful, we have to understand how our Clients feel. Drawing on proven engineering technologies and in collaboration with the design team, we listen, develop an understanding of our Client’s unique needs and translate those feelings into working systems which in turn create outstanding environments. This personal service has been passed down through four generations of leadership at TMP and has distinguished us for over 50 years.

John S. Lowden, P.Eng.